Mutation #02 | Buenos Aires/AR/Berlin
Vuelvo Enseguida

Dirk Cieslak - Director

The Diva - Tatiana Saphir
The Swiss Girl - Rahel Savoldelli
The Bastard - Santiago Blaum
Number Twentydos - Walter Velázquez
The P.I. - Niels Bormann
Special guest - The Boy Isaac Regelson from Richmond,Va,USA

Luz Algranti - Assistant
Stefan Hufschmid - Assistant/Video
Gonzalo Córdova - Light design
Mariana Ron - Production
Paula Chinellato and Paula Simkin - PR

The Swiss Girl exhibit herself while The Diva gives birth to a white elephant and The Bastard is dancing the dying swan with bloody arm stump’s. The P.I. finally went desperate while Number Twentydos makes loves to a woman in the first row

A coproduction with Centre Cultural Rojas UBA/Buenos Aires

01. – 06.12. 2003 - 21:00 - Sala Cancha
C.C.R.Rojas U.B.A. - Av. Corrientes 2038
02./10./11./15. June 2004 sophiensæle Berlin Download: LA NACION LINE.pdf
Download: Diario La Prensa - Secciones.pdf
Download: clarin 12:2003.pdf
Link: mutation-workspace>#02 Vuelvo enseguida more infos


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