Mutation #01 | Richmond, VA/USA/Berlin
Out of Area

Dirk Cieslak – Director

With and from
Miriam Fiordeponti - The Nurse
Bridget Gethins - The Mother
Marigia Maggipinto - The Moving Woman/Richmond
Amie Garmon - The Moving Woman/Berlin
Niels Bormann - The P.I.
Isaac Moses Regelson - The Boy and
Beatrice Bush - Speaker/Richmond (on screen)
Alexandra Schidt - Speaker/Berlin (on screen)
Clifton Frei & Ryan Jones – Lights
John Reinhold – Assistant

Coproduction with Firehouse Theatre, Richmond

The idea of MUTATION - to work on the topic of globalization by globalizing our selves and our praxis of producing theater did his first successful step to become real with the premiere of Out of Area in Richmond’s Firehouse Theatre.

While the P.I. prepares his nipples for the next dance and the
Boy get kicked out of the center of the universe the show stops
suddenly and we have a situation. A serious one... but thanks God there
is black plastic tarp all over the place underneath.

"...The Stage Meets Cyberspace The next step in theater’s evolution comes to Richmond as The Mutation Project... But don’t come to “Out of Area” expecting some kind of theatrical “We Are the World” experience. “I’m not here to make you understand German culture. I’m not here to study your culture,” says Cieslak, who will soon travel to Buenos Aires to begin development of the next stage of the project. “I’m more interes-ted in what happens when cultures crash together and people have to handle it. Maybe some understanding will come out of that, maybe not. I’m more interested in the process of it...”
style weekly Richmond/Va/USA

"Theater as Invention - Urban life both real, absurd...
If this spirited but highly nuanced meditation on urban living isn't provoking a guffaw at the Firehouse Theatre, it's usually substaining a grin. If grins don't suffice as responses to the more wistful undersides of life. "Out of Area" can be achingly poignant, too... This show is, ultimately, a vast fun-house mirror in which each audience member see his own urban experience reflected again and again... What amazing is this master theatrical juggler's ability to keep so many balls in the air for so long. Out of Area is a wonderful surprise."
Richmond Times Dispach Saturday, Oct. 11, 2003

In kind Contribution: Boy Scouts of America - Dogwood Dell (City of Richmond) - Main Stage Productions - Moore Street Baptist Church - Temple Beth-El - Urban Lightworks and Ernie McClintock †.

Special Thanks To: Sandeep Ahuja, Jörg Bittner, Mary Sue Carroll, Diane Entzminger, Sylvain Flannigan, Carl Hayslett, Patricia David King, Harry Kollatz & Amie Oliver, Rev. Alonza Lawrence, Greig Leach, Austin Leach, Damon Silvers & Alisa McBride, Grady Smith, Todd Schall-Vess

October 9.-11. 2003 Firehouse Theatre, Richmond
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