Sophiensaele | Berlin
Tokyo Subway

by Frank Janssen

Adapted from Haruki Murakamis 'Underground'
Coproduction with the Sophiensaele, Berlin and Pumpenhaus, Münster.

With support from the programme, 'Japan in Germany' and the school for acting at the University for the Arts UDK, Berlin. Funded by a performing arts grant from the German Government Arts Fund for Berlin Culture

Directed by Dirk Cieslak

By and with
Miriam Fiordeponti > Moderator
Stefanie Frauwallner > Gina - Stockdealer
Klara Höfels > Anne - Doctor
Uta Müller-Frank > Maria - Widow
Ursula Renneke > Mercedes - Spanishteacher
Vanessa Stern > Natalja - Clerk
Niels Bormann > Tom Wada - Transportworker
Godehard Giese > Robert - Driver
Jörg Schiebe > Ted - Civil servant
Rainer Sellien > Murat Hassem - Writer
Josef Bilous > Heinrich - Storeman
Set design > Kerstin Eichner
Costume design > Katharina Montag
Thorsten Osterberger
Choreography > Thomas Langkau
Documentation > Denis Engel
Assistant producer > Suzanne Jeschke-Muller
General assistance > Kirstin Böttcher
Production manager > Amelie Deuflhard
Graphic design > Ständige Vertretung

Premiere 12.10.2000 sophiensæle, Berlin
13.11. - 29.11.2000

Guestperformances: Loft Leipzig und Theater im
Pumpenhaus Münster

»...a shining achievement for the actors under the direction of Dirk Cieslak... Glimpses into the abyss of human existence« Volksblatt Leipzig 27.10.2000

»The moment of shock is not depicted. Rather it is evoked retrospectively, without spectacle, through memories that are still very present, and is thereby continually juxtaposed with memories of normal, apparently unendangered life, which the shock tore apart...
The overlap of cultural boundaries is by no means the least of the production?s thrills...« Tagesspiegel 17.10.2000

»The production strips away the protective shutters behind which the memories of the survivors had withdrawn.« Berliner Zeitung 17.10.2000

»...A masterpiece.« TAZ 17.10.2000

»...the criticism of the ice-cold employee society, in which the working population lose their human characteristics. Dirk Cieslak directs this sterility, and its individualism, masterfully.« Westfälische Nachrichten 30.10.2000 Download: tagesspiegel_17-10-2000.pdf
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