Sophiensaele | Berlin

Co-production with the Sophiensaele and the school for acting at the University for Arts UDK, Berlin

Directed by Dirk Cieslak

By and with
The company > Stefanie Frauwallner > Boss
Ursula Renneke > Administrator
Niels Bormann > Administrator
Martin Clausen > Trainee
And as Guests > Judica Albrecht > Caroline Mylord
Athanasios Karanikolas > Marold L. Philippsen
Rainer Selien > Thomas Lankau > Stephan Loose
Karim Cherif > Armin Dallapiccola > Godehard Giese
Klara Höfels > Sonja Baeger
Light and technical direction > Dirk Lutz
Stefan Neumann
Costume design > Katharina Montag
Thorsten Osterberger
Graphic design > Oliver Stahnke
Photos > Thomas Aurin
Production manager > Amelie Deufelhard

»With this piece the company demonstrates what it is capable of - it really can do first class sohpistication.« Radio 3 - Berlin

»In Dirk Cieslak's production, the core team in particular demonstrates itself to be extremely bright and sophisticated. As a whole it has wit and a satirical energy.« Berliner Morgenpost 17.12.99

»However, this evening won't let you go without problematising this; once part of the company, there's no escape - the suggestive power of the acting is perfect.« Tagesspiegel 17.12.99

»The wierd and wonderful comedy of Poodle Dreams springs from the lunacy of the performers, who do battle with the unreasonable demands of life like classical Greek heroes« Berliner Zeitung 18./19.12.99


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