Sophiensaele | Berlin

by Gila von Beh

With the generous support of the Council for
Science, Research and Culture, Berlin.

Directed by Dirk Cieslak

Katja Brenner
Ruth Diehl
Stefanie Frauwallner
Alexandra Schmid
Barbara Spitz
Niels Bormann
Stefan Hufschmidt
Jörg Schiebe
Set design > Kerstin Eichner
Costume design > Katharina Montag und
Thorsten Osterberger
Make up > Anja Cybèle Linhof
Dramaturgy > Zebu Kluth
Choreography > Thomas Langkau
Assistant director > Kirsten Böttcher
Assistant producer > Jessica Prentice
Lighting design > Jörg Bittner
Documentation > Denis Engel
Production manager > Anna Hope

The author Gila von Beh is an ideal author. She creates herself out of the actors and actresses, the dramaturg - and the director, who is responsible for the final version.

Premiere 08.11.2001 sophiensæle, Berlin
09. ? 18.11.2001

»Here the grotesque, playing on deeper meanings, becomes easily consumable, made vital by the apparently effortless precision of the actors... Gila von Beh crosses worldly aspirations for justice with the thoughts and feelings of six people, who in our hypochondriac, disturbed-ego society are striving after a great slice of consumer pleasure, no matter what it costs. Lubricat goes head to head with the moral implictions, without losing the audience, and the result is a thoroughly entertaining piece of contemporary theatre« Tagesspiegel, 10. November 2001

»The quality of this production lies in the strangely helpless and melancholy light which it sheds on our utterly unmysterious and banal present.« FAZ 12.11.2001

»Running out is always at the same time, running in. Dürrenmatt said it and this evening demonstrated it. Full of conflicting paradoxes: as it should be.« zitty Nr. 24/2001 Download: tagesspiegel 10.10.2001
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