Sophiensaele | Berlin

Coproduction with the Sophiensaele, Berlin and
Pumpenhaus, Münster.

With support from the school for acting at the
University for the Arts UDK, Berlin.

Directed by Dirk Cieslak

By and with
Stefanie Frauwallner
Ursula Renneke
Vanessa Stern
Niels Bormann
Martin Clausen
Godehard Giese
Jörg Schiebe
Set design > Kerstin Eichner
Lighting design > Jörg Bittner
Costume design > Katharina Montag
Thorsten Osterberger
Technical direction > Stefan Neumann
Acrobat > Michael Klich
Music > Andrea Hoffkamp
Documentation > Denis Engel
Assistant producer > Barbeleis Hatz
Production manager > Amelie Deuflhard
Graphic design > Ständige Vertretung

Premiere 20.04.2001 sophiensæle, Berlin
21.4 - 05.5.2001

»An independent theatre company, which on the one hand has always retained its style, whilst on the other continually surprising us with each new project... a long way from any other trend, school or role model. This is one of its strengths; it lends the group's performances a particular boldness - wilfulness even.« theater heute 06/2001

»Astonishing, how precisely director Dirk Cieslak ...has achieved the exact inflection of our contemporary lack of orientation. He sharply splices humour and horror. He refuses to let the figures perform any psychological analysis; instead they simply put particular attitudes to the test... a neoexistential play of searching. All the same it is a call to debate the question of national pride. Stimulating and very clever....« Potsdamer Tageszeitung 25.4.01

»The secret of the production is that it handles its lost figures kindly... the impotent helplessness of those who have slid out of any functional context is realised with its own tragic humour. The production does not concern itself with emotional accusation as 'Personenkreis 3.1' does at the Schaubühne... moments of flight, short bursts of naive beauty, where a pop pleasure enters into heartfelt alliance with a folk melodiousness.« FAZ 24.4.2001

»Home... He blurs the conceptual nuances, only to let them echo in the naive question: 'Am I in the right place?'. Nevertheless his production is extremely successful. The question is why. Because of the actors' achievement, because of the poetry of the text, because of the humour? Those too. However it is above all because of Dirk Cieslak?s gift for scenic suggestiveness and the refusal to supply any categoric answergerung.« Die Welt 24.4.01 Link: Heimatspiele siehe engl. Text


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