Tacheles | Berlin

Based on "Heart of Darkness " by Joseph Conrad

A play for one actor and one director

With Armin Dallapiccola and Dirk Cieslak

Stage-set/kostüm - Petra Korink
Technics - Horst Mühlberger

directed by Dirk Cieslak

"The earth seemed unearthly. We are accustomed to look upon the shackled form of a conquered monster, but there - there you could look at a thing mounstrous and free. It was unearthly, and the man were - No, they were not inhuman."
Joseph Conrad, "Heart of Darkness "

Covered with thick woolen coats, sitting on hard benches, in twilight, fighting the cold with rum and crowded together on the way over the ocean, on the river Kongo into the heart of darkness. The journey to Africa is a white nightmare - a trip to the dephts of an evil, barbarian and swallow nature. Africa as nightmare coming out of Europe's laboratery of moods, desires, anxieties and requests. And it is a absolute real nightmare.

"Man is a vicious animal. His malignancy needs to be organized."
Joseph Conrad in a letter to Cunnighame Graham, 2.2.1899

"Armin Dallapiccola manages the feat to have us participate in imaginary different types of voyages to Africa by the use of the most sparing funds in meagre design. We spectators are reached fast by the suction of associations. We go with him. Each will arrive another land of desire and wonder, how much the desire meets its shape."
Tagesspiegel, Jan., 8th, 95

"Armin Dallapiccola acts with sovereignty."
Berliner Morgenpost, Jan., 8th, 95

"At least the danceer Dallapiccola is a very elegant actor. The enthusiasm of the production is a kind of noble and not nervous at all. This differrentiates the whole piece in an ironocally way seen trhough the aesthetics eye. ...'I had a farm in Africa, ...' - nobody takes off the last topee."
Die Tageszeitung, Jan., 12th, 95

"This evening is far beyond theatrical kitsch. The spectators are led behind their own scenery to their own scenery to their "black marks" - a theatre of experiences and dicoveries, not only because of the cold belonging to the evening."
Neues Deutschland, Jan., 12th, 1995

"A perfect piece at the Tacheles. In the atmosphere of the Tacheles factory (get dressed warm) very complicated things are illuminated with wonderfull lightness. Armin Dallapiccola convinced through a highly concentrated performance between joke and delision. An evening for fans of a theatre with philosophic power."
Berliner Kurier, Jan., 8th, 1995

"Afrika is an unreasonable demand, a theatre adventure, a multiplied journey to experience of one's own: a mirror in front of one's own and the laughter is killed in the throat."
Weser Kurier, Bremen, Febr., 17th, 95

"To experience Dallapiccola is a pleasure which is very seldom: the aura of a homosexual aristocracy, which surrounds his dynamic performance, has a suggestive power and an almost threating charm. Who likes to ride a ghosttrain will be able to appreciate this evening."
Kreiszeitung, March, 2nd, 95

Thanks to Aron H. Neubert, Peter Knoch, Jens Weinandt, Nils Bormann, Jochen Sandig, Frederique and Bettina, Uwe, Kontorhaus Bremen, Ursula Corda, Udo Casper, Jörn Hartisch, Francis and Kornel.

With support of Senator für Kultur und Ausländerintegration der Stadt Bremen, und dem Theater zum westlichen Stadthirschen, Berlin.

A co-produktion of the group LUBRICAT and the Kunsthaus TACHELES, Berlin

Premiere Jan. 6th 95 Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin.


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